Mouth Trap

by Technicolour Typewriter

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released December 27, 2015

Cassandra Bleechmore - vocals, additional lyrics and ideas
Ryan Leahy - music/lyrics/production

Artwork by Cassandra Bleechmore



all rights reserved


Technicolour Typewriter Melbourne, Australia

music is garbage and that's okay

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Track Name: Everyone's a Little Bit Shit
If you're sick of whining all the time
And being someone you don't recognise, nevermind!
There's always tomorrow morning
Always full of stories

Like how I fucked up again
And pissed off a whole bunch of my friends
'Cos it's time to leave
Some originality behind

From person to person to person to person
You won't always be in the state that you're in
You've fucked up your life, but you act so contrived
So don't try and deny who you are inside
From person to person to person to person
You won't always be in the state that you're in
Everyone's a little bit shit

Sometimes your mouth just gets up
And runs the fuck away from you
And who's left saying shit isn't bad
But they're still not that great

Your conscience can wait in the wings
But it's not so bad, it's not so bad
As what you're imagining

In someone else's life or your very next one
There'll be at least two of you
Doing the best you can
To outrun your setting sun
Track Name: Death, Old Buddy Death!
Waking up late every other day
Sharpen my tongue, open conversations

If you've got something to say, then just say it!
You're driving me crazy

Death, old buddy death
Come and save my life
From bigots, complacence
And apologists of rapists
(Either all of them or me)
Cos I just can't take it
I don't want to share the earth one more day

Sick of listening
Got some feelings to share
Don't care if you're right or wrong
Cos I am sour, I am louder
Proud to be Australian
Calling refugees fuckin' aliens
Track Name: Lull
Cross contaminate my lungs
Give me the air you've breathed
There's no denying you're becoming kind of fond of me
I will not say a word
And still be all you've heard

Here I stand and here I will stay
'Cos you invited me, oh don't be that way!
So what's the plan?
What are we gonna do today?
You best behave and you'd better entertain
I can be fussy when I choose it
And I'm choosing you

I have got a bone to pick
I've got marrow to suck
There's reasons that you see my face in tea leaves in your cup
That excuse is wearing thin
It's easy to give in
You won't be needing those
I'll take your fingers and your toes

I have brought you here for a reason
Though the weather's insincere for the season
You could run
You could hide but you'll only wear yourself out
I own your mind
And about everything else
I'll twist your guts and I'll rearrange your spine
Until you crumble and your bones misalign
Your knees collapse and everything is fine
As you bow down to me
Track Name: Okay, We Get It, You're Tired
Okay, we get it
You are tired as fuck
Forget it
I don't think I could care enough
About your morning routines
Or coffees
I swear to god, I just might--

Okay, we get it
You're real bored of this job
You said it like five times the other day
You're getting paid to be here
So why are you such a pain in my dickhole?


Okay, we get it
You're real tired and real fun.
Track Name: Eltham
I'll just write down what I'm thinking
So I'll never have to say it
I forgot my first song
So now I'll never have to play it

There's a spark shooting down my arm
And a taste of clean air
Reminds me that I'm not that scared

Gasping for air to take it all in
The billions of particles swimming in the streams of my veins
And the miracle of my brain
Deciphering the previously undecipherable

You make life less frightening
I feel my atoms fucking and colliding
A move out to Eltham would do me good
To find someone in the woods
Track Name: Compulsory Voting
When I walked into that booth
On that sunny afternoon
I looked down at my hands
Thought "who am I to choose
Out of these two people who don't know who I am?"

Keep it underneath renewable energies
No one *really* cares that the planet's nearing death
With Rio Tinto's mines and politician's alibis
Keep this country going
Running it to the bitter end

It's just a cycle on a stormy sea
To perpetuate a culture of apathy
I'm a victim of compulsory voting
My power's diluted before I've even spoken
Everyone knows it's just conspiracy
To keep you and me out of policies
I've got a few 'fuck yous' to hand out
And there's plenty to go around

Fuck you Mr Pyne for laughing at our rioting
And jacking up university fees
Fuck you to Scott Morrison and to those who followed him
For locking out our refugees
Fuck you to Joe Hockey, don't you try and stop me
From working a job I actually like
Fuck you Malcolm Turnbull and fuck you Tony Abbott
But mostly fuck you to the voters for making this happen
Track Name: Bumper Sticker Philosophy
Cultural assimilation is mutual masturbation
Maybe we could co-exist without sucking each other's dicks
If that's what you want, don't let me stop you
Stringing sentences together, rhyming makes it feel way better

Everything is happening
At 350,000mps
Maybe if just stopped for one them
We'd just drop dead

Stay away from politics
Cos it's easy to sound like you're full of shit (but still)
Lizard people run our city
Just have a look in Kirribilli
The man who makes commands
To bloody up our neighbour's hands
Operates alone in his armchair riddled home

Everything is happening
At 350,000mps
Maybe if we just stopped for one of them
...things'd stay the same
'Cos everything is nothing at all
Track Name: Last Song For When We Go
This is the last song
That I'll ever sing like this
'Cos I am over it
None of these songs should exist

I'm wasting my breath
To revisit my old rhymes
Making progress
By just laughing 'til I'm fine

It's not so bad, it's not so bad
To stay quiet and silent
I've just had enough of fads
All fashion and fictionalised

Now it's my turn
To yell over the top of you
And let me tell you
I am right and wise and smooth

Paper-thin logic
Buried under show-and-tell
Pages and pages
Run over with cries and whelps

It's getting late now
And the theatres have all closed
A chill has spilled in
And the buskers have gone home

Hundred thousand
People walking into bars
Finding answers
At the bottom of their glass

After all that
Express yourself against a wall
If no one's listening
Do your thoughts exist at all

After a few years
I have come to realise
That I'm becoming
Someone I don't really like

'Cos my opinions
Don't mean to much to me
So I justify
My severe lack of empathy

So I'll shut up now
So no one know's I don't know jack
'Cos once you've said it
There's no way to take it back

Don't know jack
Don't know shit
But still I try to persist
To tell myself
To give it up or get a grip.